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Congrès du PDAC, Toronto : Cours intensif et présentations de poster

Congrès du PDAC, Toronto : Cours intensif et présentations de poster

New Frontiers for Exploration in Glaciated Terrain

Roger C. Paulen & M. Beth McClenaghan
Geological Survey of Canada


Course instructors:
Roger Paulen – Geological Survey of Canada
Beth McClenaghan – Geological Survey of Canada
Alain Plouffe – Geological Survey of Canada
Wendy Spirito – Geological Survey of Canada
Martin McCurdy – Geological Survey of Canada
Harvey Thorleifson – Minnesota State Survey
Georges Beaudoin – Laval University
Stu Averill – Overburden Drilling Management Limited
Brooke Clements – Peregrine Diamonds
Gwendy Hall – Consultant (Emeritus Scientist, Geological Survey of Canada)

This one-day short course will share recent advances in drift exploration principles in complex glacial terrain and methodology development in exploration for various commodities. Since playing a key role in the discovery of the Lac de Gras diamond field, indicator mineral methods have since expanded to explore for polymetallic base and precious metal deposit types, and associated alterations. These mineral exploration methods rely on sampling of sediments such as glacial and stream sediments, and detection of mineral deposit pathfinder elements and indicator minerals glacially eroded, entrained, transported and deposited down-ice. This short course will address how these exploration methods are part of a spectrum of clastic sediment-based methods that range from boulder tracing to detection of detrital debris or their weathering products by chemical analysis of C-horizon soils and sediments. The short course will consist of presentations by some of the most experienced practitioners in the field, representing government, academia and industry.