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2nd mandate

  • Study the chemical composition of indicator minerals (chalcopyrite, scheelite, tourmaline) from worldwide deposits in order to establish identification and fertility criteria that can be applied to mineral exploration and mineral potential assessment.
  • Investigate the application of indicator mineral method and till geochemistry for long range detection of orogenic gold deposits.
  • Establish methodologies that use portable, field-ready instruments for rapid detection of anomalies in till and lake-bottom sediment samples. This will allow rapid decision making for more efficient exploration surveys.


1st mandate

  • Investigate surface textures and chemical changes in indicator minerals during glacial transport to estimate mode and distance of transport.
  • Study the natural variations in chemical and isotopic composition of indicator minerals useful for the exploration of gold deposits.
  • Conduct case studies to compare the composition of indicator minerals from a gold deposit with the composition of minerals from an adjacent glacial sediment.
  • Develop and test heavy mineral sampling methods to prepare representative samples for chemical and isotopic analysis.